Comfort on the move

Beat the summer heat
Summer, sun, seating comfort
Getting into a sizzling hot driver’s seat? Sweating through the summer traffic jams? It’s bound to put you in a bad mood, and there is no need for it either. The MagicComfort MCS10 air-conditioned seat cover is by far the better alternative. Just switch it on and enjoy the light, pleasant air floating across the entire surface of the seat and providing a massaging effect at the same time. The MCS10 has two cooling stages and provides supreme comfort, thanks to its ergonomic design.

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A warm seat in winter – what a treat!
You can do better than getting seated in an icy cold car on a cool day in winter or autumn. Take the heated seat cover of the MagicComfort series for instance. Treat yourself – and your passenger – to the benefits of a warm seat.