WAECO Iceboxes

Keep cool refreshments cold longer

WAECO Cool-Ice Rotomoulded Iceboxes are lightweight, easy to handle and come in various sizes to suit your needs. They will keep your drinks icy-cold all day  or keep fish and bait fresh on ice.  Perfect for a day on the beach, on the boat, whilst fishing or at a BBQ in the outdoors where power is not available.  Absolutely the best looking, best built and best value for money rotomoulded iceboxes available.

Ice can last from 3 to 10 days depending on usage pattern, ambient temperature, type of ice used, and ratio of ice to goods being kept
Testing can be conducted in many different ways. One example conducted in September 2009 follows:

Model:  WCI-55
Ambient Temp30°C constant (in controlled environment)
Ice Used:   30kg Block Ice (6 x 5kg blocks) + 4kg Party Ice
Lid Openings: 1 per day (duration 1 minute each time)
Ice Melt Removal: Water from melted ice removed daily during the lid opening
Still Effective: 11 days (still enough ice left for effective use)
1 Kg Ice Remaining: 12 days
Nil Ice Remaining:12-13 days (was all gone upon inspection 13th day)
Published Result: 10 days (conservative - allows an experimental margin for error)

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